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Bubble Mug

Bubble Mug


Ceramic wheel thrown mug made with white stoneware clay and glazed in black-white, brown-green or specked white.


Product colour may slightly vary due go photo lighting sources or monitor settings. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Dimensions: fits 14 oz, width is 3 1/2 inches, height is 4 inches. Important: this is a handmade item. Dimensions can vary slightly.


I made each mug with love and beautiful energy on the wheel, then I trim to give them a better finish and I attach the handle. Every mug goes to two firings. First firing is called a bisque fired, when the mug is cooked, but it is still porous to absorb glaze. After this fire, I glaze the mugs and load the kiln for the next fire. For this fire the temperature is higher - 2165 F - what brings resistance and turn it in a non absorbent item.


I may have stock, but if I don't I can custom-made for you. In that case, my delivery time is around 30-40 days.


Primary color

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