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Working with clay is a process that brings me back to my center, to my deeper roots. It is a therapeutic, creative, dynamic and eclectic process.

I live in Nelson, a small ski town in the middle of the Kootenay Forest, Bristish Colubia, Canada. My work is inspired by the nature here, and the places that I visit. I spend my time with my kids, friends, and in my studio making or teaching.


I have always loved ceramics so much that on my honeymoon in Greece, I bought a two foot tall  amphora that I had to lug throughout many Greek islands until they eventually reached my former living room in Brazil. Many years flew by until I transform the appreciation for ceramics into a hobby of making ceramics pots.


Since the beginning of my journey, I have felt a deep peace, serenity, and harmony when working with  and transforming clay. Ever since I bought my first wheel, I was desperately looking for spare time to throw, until 2014 when I ended up leaving behind my almost twenty-year career to enrolled myself in a diploma ceramic course, and to become a full-time potter.


Over the past few years, I have developed a utility line, and another more artistic and décorative line.


The pottery that I am dedicate to has personality, and attitude, in a way that I don’t measure my pots, producing some slightly bigger and some slightly smaller, respecting it’s own relation with the clay plasticity, and the power applied by my hands.

fabi chagas

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